Finding God In The Post Modern Era

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You can’t erect walls where there's no foundation. You can’t add a roof where there are no walls. The lifechanging facts about God couldn’t have been added to my life hadn't a strong foundation of the Word been assembled inside of me while meditating on the Scriptures. The very amount of God’s power in a believer’s life is dependant on how much of his life is ordered by the Holy Spirit.

Believers need to learn how to live a life of power as they walk in the Spirit, forever building upon the foundation of the Word as the Holy Spirit gives utterance. So trust me when I tell you this: As you study this book and diligently apply its principles, the day will come when you review your life and say in awe and wonder, “I’m not the same individual. I have learned to walk in the Spirit, and it has completely changed my life forever!”

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