Getting Introduced To Oil Painting

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Oil Painting is a fairly new form of art. It is the process of painting with the use of pigments that are bound together with a medium of drying oil, particularly in early modern Europe, the linseed oil. This usage of oil in combination with other pigments to do painting counts back to 1400. There have been many variations in the art form of oil painting from that era to today’s date. But the basics remain the same.

In Europe, fifteenth century was considered as the transitional period. It was at this time, that some scope of reality was visualized in art forms. Art was undergoing a huge transformation from the ornamental and mythological style of the middle age, to a period of rebirth and revival. This also marked the beginning of Renaissance. There grew a sense of realization among the artists, who began to understand the mathematical laws and this led to a bunch of budding artists who were keen in portraying sincere and realistic things in nature. These artists initiated the use of ‘nature’ as an inspirational source for their paintings.