Halloween Crafts Made Easy

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Everyone has their favorite holiday – and for many people Halloween is absolutely IT! They love decorating their yards with ghoulish recreations of graveyards and haunted houses. Pumpkin carving is an art form. Costumes are planned years in advance. I have a good friend who has a Halloween party every year that is the blow-out of all blow-outs! Her whole entire house was transformed into a haunted house – she even created a maze for the kids in the basement complete with ghouls jumping from corners and everything.

What impressed me the most about her Halloween decorations was that almost all of them were hand made by her over the course of a year, Of course, she would save them from year to year until eventually her collection of Halloween décor almost required a storage room of its own. Now a lot of people think they aren’t crafty enough to make their own Halloween decorations or costumes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone at all can make some fun and cute – or scary, depending on your preference – decorations for Halloween.

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