How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

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Drawing with a pencil seems to be really easy, but when a person gets into the depth of pencil drawing one comes to know that it is not that easy as it sounds. There are different shades that can be made with a pencil in the same drawing. In order to implement these different shades in one drawing one has to be really careful and should follow these steps that are really helpful in starting with pencil drawing. Making Mark Starting with a pencil drawing one should realize the importance of mark making. Mark making is the expression that is used to describe the process of applying pencil to a paper. How much should be the pressure of the pencil and how it should go about in the paper is an important step to start as an artist. Controlling and exploiting the working of the pencil is what an artist has to learn in pencil drawing.

Sharp Pencils Keep the pencils sharp. The first step in pencil drawing is keeping your pencils sharp. Blunt or chisel pointed pencils do not prove to be fruitful. It is better to waste some graphite of the pencil in the sharpener than wasting your efforts on the drawing sheet. It gives a light lining to the drawing.

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