How To Buy a Winning RC Car

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Remote controlled car racing is a sport that has enjoyed popularity among car model enthusiasts of all ages for several decades, attracting both young and old. Malls featuring race tracks dedicated to RC racing were prevalent for a while, and now die hard hobbyists race each other in tracks of land set aside as racing strips for RCs. Some RC enthusiasts prefer to buy pre assembled RC cars for their races, while others buy kits and pay the shops where they bought them to have them assembled professionally. The most personally rewarding thing for some RC hobbyists, however, is to purchase a kit and construct it themselves. For those of you who are new to the sport, here is a basic rundown on the major parts that make up an RC car.

Transmitter - this is a little handheld gadget used to control the car. It operates on a certain bandwidth and sends out radio signals to tell the car what to do (and hopefully keep it from crashing into stuff!). When buying a transmitter make sure that it's bandwidth doesn't run along the same wavelengths as any radio or TV stations in your neighborhood, or you might find your RC kissing pavement when your local station plays music that irritates your car.

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