Merry Marionettes

$ 7.99 $ 10

I’m sure that you’ll find helpful tips, techniques and information throughout this manual, to help you maximize your profits from the sales of your own items that you create. You will also find included with this manual, 10 wonderful projects that are quick and easy to crochet, and that have proven to be wonderful sellers for others and myself in the past. If you crochet then I’m sure that you realize the difficulties we face when trying to make a good profit from the items that we spend so much love and attention on when we stitch them together.

The patterns provided in this manual sell very well, require little investment, and can be crocheted quickly enough to where you realize a nice profit from the sales of the items even if priced rather low. These items can easily be sold for $3.00 to $10.00 each, with most of them being easy enough to where you can crochet several items in an hour for maximum profits. Even if you love crocheting afghans, I’m sure that you realize that by time you’ve invested quite a bit of money in yarns, and quite a bit of time in stitching (sometimes weeks per afghan) then you can’t profit much on your afghans because few are willing to pay enough to cover the costs of your yarn, much less for your time in creating your wonderful item.

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