Newbies Guide To Online Hobby Profits

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One of the advantages to blogging about your favourite hobby is that you already have the “passion” and will easily be able to create great content on a regular basis. Many bloggers pick a niche, they start out with good intentions, but quickly run out of ideas to blog about, this is the not case for the hobby blogger, because you are passionate about your hobby, it is not so hard to find the ideas and topics to blog about. A common thought is that the crafting and hobby blogs don't make money, they are there only to display someone's love of a particular subject. Well, that really isn't the case, lots of hobby blogs out there are making money, and some of them are making serious money. Wouldn't it be great if instead of your hobby costing you money, you could make money from your hobby. Funding your hobby can be expensive, so why not use blogging to bring in some extra money to pay for it.

Other enthusiasts are looking for the same as you, that must have tool? Fabric? Wool? Kit? It is clear that there will be others out there who have the same interests and will be scouring the net looking for new ideas, resources, hints and tips or “how to” guidance. Writing product reviews can be a huge income generator on a hobby blog. When you find that must have “item” that you absolutely love, you can tell people about it on your blog, include an affiliate link to the product. Unless you have a really weird and not well known hobby like counting the spots on a ladybirds back! (no offence to ladybird spotters!) But as weird as it may sound, even that hobby could be monetised.

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