Simplistic Creativity Concepts

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Brainstorming. When confronted with a challenge, solutions may seem hard to come by. Let yourself see that this isn‘t truly the case by writing your issue at the top of a piece of paper and then coming up with thirty ways to solve it. These are just fast, bite-sized ideas, not fully developed plans. Sure, thirty is a large number, but what you‘ll find is that once you‘ve covered the obvious stuff, your brain will start coming up with additional and more creative approaches. Some of them will be unrealistic, but don‘t censor yourself till your list is done, and then you are able to go back and assess each item. Used with your team, it helps you bring the various experiences of all team members into play during problem solving. This step-ups the richness of thoughts explored, meaning that you are able to find better solutions to the troubles you face.

It can likewise help you get buy in from team members for the resolution chosen – after all, they were involved in evolving it. What‘s more, because brainstorming is amusing, it helps team members bond with each other as they solve problems in a positive, honoring environment. While group brainstorming is frequently more effective at generating ideas than normal group problem-solving, study after study has shown that when persons brainstorm on their own, they come up with more thoughts (and often better quality thoughts) than groups of individuals who brainstorm together.