The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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THE wood finisher's ideal must necessarily be simply that of making the most of what he has to work with, producing the maximum of beauty and serviceability under the circumstances. For no two jobs are alike in all respects and he is seldom consulted in the selection of the wood before erection. In undertaking a job of interior wood finishing there are four factors which must be considered: the kind of wood, the color decorative plan for the room, the durability of the finish expected^ and the cost or investment of money to be made.

The kind of wood to be finished determines broadly the character of the finish to be employed. We may say that in common practice woods are finished as indicated by these groups: Stain Natural Mahogany Gumwood Hickory Redwood Chestnut Cedar OakMahogany Ash Walnut, American Holly Walnut, American Walnut, Circassian Bass , Paint or Enamel Pine, white Pine, yellow Pine, Oregon Fir Spruce Butternut Oak, white, red Cottonwood Rosewood Cherry Cypress Cherry Rosewood Gumwood Birch, select Chestnut Birch Gumwood Ebony Redwood Cypress Satinwood Fir, select Cedar Redwood In addition to the kind of wood, the grade has much to do with the selection of the finish.