The Secrets Behind Creativity

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Creative imagination, which lies on the far side of our logical mind and our ego, is where all genuinely new ideas derive from. When a scientist devises something the globe has never seen before, he's using creative imagination. Consider it as new clay. Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Bell, and Elmer Gates were splendid inventors who learned to tap into creative imagination. Mr. Thomas Edison, for instance, was reported as having tested more than ten thousand ideas for his electric-light bulb using his synthetic imagination alone, and they all failed. It was only when he tapped into his creative imagination that he carried off the perfect electriclight bulb. Synthetic Imagination What is this synthetic imagination? This is the imagination delivered of education and experience. You apply your mind to alter things around, view them from another angle, or rearrange existing stuff to form something “new”. But nothing really new ever came from synthetic imagination.

How much of what you accomplish has never been witnessed before (by you, at any rate)? When you author a fresh book, are you regrouping stories or legends you’ve seen before, substituting characters, hacking and exchanging? When you write a new musical composition, are you truly only changing one of your preferred childhood songs? When you do a fresh marketing campaign, are you simply placing your own spin on a successful campaign already used by some other company?