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Blackjack has been probably the most popular table game for the past four decades. Blackjack is such a popular casino game because of the odds it offers the odds are only 3% in favour of the house and certain strategies have been known to take this favour down to as low as 0.5%. This means that player’s decisions and skill during the game can change the outcome in their favour.

The lay out of a Blackjack table is typical to the one shown below. The seat furthest to the right is called first base and the seat furthest to the left is called third base. First base is where the dealer deals to first so whoever is sitting there gets to make the first decision, this is alright if you are an experienced player but if you are just learning you would be better sitting closer to third base so you have time to think about your next move. Before the cards are dealt the player or players must place their bets in the betting area .in front of where they are seated this is usually marked via a circle which usually has the casino log in it. When all bets are placed the dealer will deal everybody two cards face up and themselves two cards but with one face up and one face down. If the dealer’s first card is an ace he will ask you if you wish to take out insurance. This is a side bet of half of the players original bet, that the dealers card facing down is a 10 this would make Blackjack. But if the dealers hand does not make Blackjack then the game will continue as normal and all insurance bets will lose. If the dealer does have Blackjack the insurance bets payout 2-1 meaning you get your original stake back. However all the original hands will lose unless another player also has Blackjack and this is called a push meaning a draw. So really guessing that a dealer has Blackjack is just a chance to break even if he does, instead of losing your bet.

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