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TSUKUDA-NI means fish cooked in soy and sugar. This cuisine originated as a preservation method, developed by the wisdom of fishermen who understood the nutritional value of fish. The sweet and salty taste of tsukudani goes perfectly with rice, and today is indispensable to the Japanese dinner table. People from overseas find the taste similiar to teriyaki and often refer to it as "teriyaki fish."

Since 1924, HIRAMATSU SEAFOOD COMPANY has been making traditional Japanese tsukudani (fish boiled in soy sauce) in Toyohashi City of Aichi Prefecture, a city blessed with an abundance of produce from both land and sea as well as fresh and clear water, and they have been striving each day to ensure that the traditional foods of Toyohashi are kept alive in the modern era NISHIN is herring, a small oily silver-skinned fish. Nishin is full of Omega-3, Vitamin D, DHA, and EPA. Herring is abundant with cancer-reducing effects and is a common staple in Nordic and Jewish cuisine. It can be picked or cured. In Japan nishin is commonly grilled with salt, or in preserved form, tsukudani, nishin is eaten over white rice.

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